Monday, May 25, 2009

great mazinger 01v2

credits: thanks chirlind for the translated/timed scripts!
i really just qc'd jp/eng for a couple hrs


preview pic.

UPDATE!: ep02 dvd raws coming from ^drax^, starseeker'll be doing a softsub, ill be doing my hardsub.
UPDATE!#2: ep01 is now available in an h264 dvdrip format above, thanks azrael. new hardsub/script above as well.


  1. Great Mazinger in need of better raws you say? Well, I have burned isos of the R2 DVDs if that'd help. I need to look into decent encoding stuff with linux (my primary OS) but other than that... can't be worse than what you have from the sounds of things.

  2. Though it's worth mentioning that, unless I misread your complaint about the OP/ED, the lyrics are hardsubbed with the Japanese even in the original, there's not really any way around that unless one of these has a fully textless bonus feature somewhere that I haven't noticed.

  3. spanish translation is hardsubbed at the top, download and see for yourself. but that'd be appreciated if you can and have the time.

  4. Yikes, I see what you mean. Yeah, I can almost certainly do better than that. Got an encode cooking now, have only tested these settings on the OP so far but it should be okay.

    If you want, you can give me the OP/ED ass and I can combine all of it myself and upload the whole thing, or I can upload the raw and you can handle it. Doesn't really matter any to me. Do note that this is h.264 and not really aiming for compatibility with various non-computer devices. Also, I couldn't hardsub if I wanted to due to mencoder not using mplayers libass style code for god knows what reason. I'm sure if you've been encoding what you have though you can handle it, and this should probably be a less messy source in the first place.

    By the way, this OP appears to be the video with the OP single overlaid, while the DVDs have sound effects at various points. I really don't know what the spanish guys did here honestly. It's kind of an amusing bit of weirdness at any rate.

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    megaupload is way, way too slow for me at the moment (~30k/s and falling) so I can't get a DDL up, but here it is. I see you've moved to a new source basically while I was asleep, but I was doing the encode before I saw the update so I figured why not finish anyway.