Wednesday, May 13, 2009

getter robo 08

Getter_Robo_-_08_[mSubs][softsub_xvid] mkv
Getter_Robo_-_08_[mSubs][hardsub_xvid] avi

unneeded unless you want smaller font for mkv:
Getter_Robo_-_08_[mSubs][softsub] ass scripts

hardsub crc-45DE8B02
softsub crc-8A3E90FB
scripts crc-B7FF8D0A

preview lolsub picture here

notes: my hardsubs look gooood on tv, but for the mkv fans i included an extra subtitle script with smaller text this week. rename to match mkv, or browse for sub file for this week if wanted. weird last last second addition.
comments on subs/etc: email me

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